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13th June 2024
Birthing Me : Memoirs of a Transwoman
The joy inches a level high when you get to know someone you know is looking to write a book, seek your help and accomplish it against all odds! "Birthing Me" is that book for me. I say this to her every time we chat, but I am not hesitating to say it publicly today, "Living life on your terms comes with a price and requires a lot of courage. I am happy and proud to see you doing that!"
10th June 2024
Echoes Of The Past: Untold Stories Resurfaced
Book Title - Echoes Of The Past: Untold Stories Resurfaced
Author - Paulomi Babre
Given thriller any day, I would not pick it up, the weak-hearted person I am. Thank you Paulomi and Priya for sending a copy, I did read the book, I am happy that I did not let it pass.
29th May 2024
The Mysterious Creepers of Pinewoods and Other Stories
"The Mysterious Creepers of Pinewood and Other Stories" by Amita Samant is a collection of 5 stories that go well for adults equally, I would say. Because, as adults, we need to keep relearning things we learnt in our childhood, I firmly believe that!
20th May 2024
Book Review : Grandma in the Stars
As the title indicates, it talks about the death and loss of a family member. Author Sneha Sharma has chosen a subtle way of expressing and talking about a sensitive issue, especially with kids. The story is simple, lucid, and involves you easily. As characters are introduced one by one, the excitement is only added to the journey ahead.
01st Feb 2024
Book Review : Spilled It Again
"Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words." - Paul Engle
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